How to write an if/else statement in python

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Python 3 - IF...ELIF...ELSE Statements

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Python If...Elif...Else Statement

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Possible Duplicate: Python Ternary Operator. I'm just getting into Python and I really like the terseness of the syntax.

However, is there an easier way of writing an if-then-else statement so it. Basic if statement (ternary operator) info. Many programming languages have a ternary operator, which define a conditional expression.

The most common usage is to make a terse simple conditional assignment statement. In this tutorial, you will work with an example to learn about the simple if statement and gradually move on to if-else and then the if-elif-else statements.

You will. How to write inline if statement for print? Ask Question.

Basic if statement (ternary operator) info

There are two kinds of if in Python: if statement: if condition: statement if condition: block if expression So if you write. print a if b else 0 it means.

print (a if b else 0) and similarly when you write. x = a if b else 0 it means. x = (a if b else 0). If-else statements in Python. We can also write if or if-else statement inside another if or if-else statement.

This can be better explained through some examples: if statement inside another if statement. # Example 1: A program to check whether a student is eligible for loan or not.

How to write an if/else statement in python
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Python if, ifelse, ifelifelse and Nested if Statement