Preliminary project scope statement

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Integration Management

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Statement of Work (SOW) vs Project Scope Statement for PMP Exam

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8+ project scope statement examples

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Project charter

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The foundation for scope planning is a detailed project scope statement derived from the preliminary scope statement documented within the project charter and business case documents. Using a detailed scope statement as a foundation, the scope management planning process outlines the processes that will govern how the project's scope will be.

The Preliminary Project Scope Statement By Siraj Qureshi. Once the Project charter is developed and issued and the Project manager for the project has been identified, then defining the project scope statement is the task that needs to be accomplished.

A preliminary scope statement is a document which outlines the scope or target of a project by any company, business enterprise, institution or individual. It is advisable to prepare a preliminary scope statement before proceeding with a project since it will provide a concise blueprint that can then be followed to a tee.

Define a preliminary scope statement for a project to build a simple interactive web site for this class. The web site should be accessible only by current students and instructors. Notes: The intent of the Preliminary Engineering (PE) Scope Statement is to provide useful project information to designers who are interested in becoming the designer of record for PE and possibly Final Design and Construction for this project.

If you used other documents such as the Project Charter, Preliminary Project Scope Statement or Requirements Documentation you should identify them and all other documents used. You should tie the scope definition process back to the requirements definition as the projects’ scope answers the requirements for the project as shown in this.

Preliminary project scope statement
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